Tenant Update: Traffic disruption on Queen's Road

Added Friday, August 3 2018

Following the traffic problems on Monday we engaged with the relevant authorities and thankfully the situation has improved from Wednesday and we are no longer seeing major queues on the Queen’s and Sydenham Roads.  We have been advised that a combination of occurrences including traffic light settings, bus lanes, road works and a traffic contra flow system outside the SSE Arena caused the issues at the start of the week    

Adjustments have been made to the traffic signalling on the Queen’s and Sydenham Road to improve the flow and signalling is under close observation.  Works to new bus lanes is limited to those lanes and lane obstruction are being removed prior to peak hours

We fully understand the frustration caused to all and the disruption caused to both your business and your staff’s commuting and have been relaying your concerns and experiences on.   Please do keep in touch with your particular experiences and observations as it really helps us in our representations     

To report any issues email mervyn.watley@catalyst-inc.org